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Mariana Ristea, Ph.D.

CAST Team Member

Is an experienced national and international educator and administrator who has also held teaching, and district level administrative positions in the NYS education system. Working with educators from around the world, Mariana has coached them about emerging trends in global and digital learning and is prepared to create innovative learning environments in our classrooms, museums, digital spaces, programs, by using creative materials that promote deep, relevant, and engaging learning for our times. She is certified as a district superintendent in NYS and has been a tenured assistant superintendent for curriculum, instruction and grants as well as K-12 director and previously, a mathematics and computer science teacher. Among her various educational degrees and programs, we mention her PhD in Quantitative Methods from the Graduate Center of CUNY, School of Educational Psychology, Masters in Mathematics Education from NYU, Steinhert, Certificate from Harvard University in Project Zero, led by Howard Gardner known for his theory of Multiple Intelligences, as well as other certificates in Understanding by Design, as well as a certificate in Organizational Leadership from the Ray Jorgensen Learning Center. Mariana has undergraduate degrees in Economics and in Cybernetics and Statistics and considers herself a lifelong learner.

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