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Our Approach

It is the mission of the International Academy for Culture, Arts, Sciences & Technology (CAST) Charter High School to equip students in Yonkers, New York with the academic, social and emotional aptitude required for them to successfully pursue a college degree and be adequately prepared for a prosperous career.

What Makes CAST Different

CAST is an international school which serves all types of students from the Yonkers community and exposes them to the many cultures, languages, and peoples of the world. It will offer a college preparatory program purposefully designed to prepare students not merely to graduate high school, but also to enter and succeed in post-secondary education.

CAST integrates the arts and technology into core classes and provides students with opportunities to study various art disciplines and connect them with applications to technology. The school emphasizes performance, production, and presentation as to give students a diverse range of opportunities to demonstrate the skills and knowledge. CAST offers a longer school year and school day, which allows students to have more time for learning.

The schools is prepared to cater to students with disabilities through integrated learning and welcomes English language learners, providing individualized support to students.


With an individualized program designed to cater to students and provide them with a well-rounded, world class education, CAST becomes a leader in preparing students for college and careers. Tailored programs and professional staff trained in the context of our international mission help to make CAST, not just a school — but a learning experience.


The International Academy for Culture, Arts, Sciences & Technology Charter High School in Yonkers, New York is not just a school — its a learning experience designed to prepare students for a plentiful future of sharing their talents with others to build the community around them.

CAST Provides Students With:

An immersive program based around the SITE curriculum
(Social Improvement Through Expression in Arts)

Exposure of students to a diverse range of cultures, languages
and people of the world through the use of virtual communication

Talent development based on students' interests which build character and self-esteem, taking basis in concepts of creating, composing, and performing

Exceptional teachers who believe in their students' potential, inspiring the students to believe in themselves

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