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CAST Charter High School Open House


Topic: CAST open house on zoom.

Get information about the school, meet the CAST Team, ask questions.

Time: Jun 18, 2021 6:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting, use the link:

Meeting ID: 873 9296 8913
Passcode: 906642
One tap mobile +16465588656


🇺🇸  Strive for excellence      🇲🇽  Siempre alto    🇵🇱  Zawsze w górę
🇪🇬  دائما عا.                     🇩🇪  Siempre hoch         🇫🇷  Siempre high
🇮🇱  שטענדיק הויך        🇨🇳  总是很高      🇺🇦  Zavzhdy vysoko
🇷🇴  Întotdeauna sus      🇿🇦  Njalo phezulu.   🇮🇹 Sempre alto


 International Academy for
Culture, Arts, Science & Technology

The International Academy for Culture, Arts, Science and Technology (CAST) Charter School's innovative curriculum is inspired by the arts and music. It empowers students with crucial academic, social, and intellectual skills to be accepted and successfully complete college. CAST welcomes children from all paths of life including migrants, disadvantaged, and with special needs, to create a vibrant, multicultural community with a purpose to develop individual talents and become ready for the challenges of adult life.

Professor & Students

What makes the CAST School special?

CAST is a New York State regional school, which serves students from the Yonkers community and surrounding towns and counties. Having over 100 nationality groups in Yonkers alone, the school has an international character exposing students to those various cultures, many languages, and thanks to the internet, connects students with peers from all over the world.


CAST accepts migrant children to give them the opportunity they lost and help them create their new homes. It offers a college preparatory program purposefully designed to prepare students not merely to graduate high school, but also to enter college and succeed in the completion of post-secondary education.

CAST uses the inter-disciplinary text-centered approach to high school curricular development and provides for a pedagogical framework for learning across all courses and across all course modules throughout the high school curricular experience.

CAST integrates the arts into core humanities classes and provides students with opportunities to study various art disciplines infused with supporting arts and music technology applications. The school emphasizes performance, production, and presentation as to give students a diverse range of opportunities to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they learned. CAST offers a longer school year and school day, which allows students to have more time for learning.

The schools cater to students with disabilities through integrated learning and welcomes English language learners, providing individualized support to students.

"At the CAST school, students have opportunities to make real connections with the arts in many forms, and its these opportunities that define the school’s extracurricular activities."





Qualified teachers help to empower the student community to sharing their talents.


With over 20% international students, CAST is a truly worldly learning experience.


Preparing students for a successful college career is an important part of the CAST curriculum.


The CAST curriculum focuses on emphasizing social improvement and community-building.

Filling Out Form

Student Eligibility

Admission is FREE, determined by a lottery, but returning students have admissions priority.

You must be a resident of New York State to apply to the International Academy for CAST High School.

Exposure of students to a diverse range of cultures, languages

We're counting on your support.

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